10 Construction Sales Techniques To Grow Your Business

10 Construction Sales Techniques To Grow Your Business

If you’re in the construction business, you know how hard it can be to get projects off the ground and build a successful operation. You need to figure out everything from pricing and bidding strategies to marketing plans and approaches that will draw in new customers. On top of all this, getting your sales right is essential for ensuring your success.

That’s why Royaltakeoffs put together 10 of the best sales techniques for construction businesses so you can start closing more deals faster!

10 Proven Strategies to Increase Construction Sales and Grow Your Business:

1. Bid High, But Know When To Lower Your Prices:

As a construction business owner, you understand the importance of balancing revenue and profitability while also staying competitive in the market. One strategy that can help you achieve these goals is learning how to bid high while also knowing when to adjust your pricing to secure new contracts.

Bid high to avoid undervaluing your services and demonstrate the quality of your work, but be willing to lower your prices strategically if a potential client is hesitant. With new clients, you can even offer discounts and promotions to entice them. 

It’s important to understand your bottom line and the value you provide to clients to ensure that you are pricing your services appropriately.

2. Create a Sales Calendar:

Creating a sales calendar can help you maximize efficiency and ensure that all potential clients get the same level of attention. This will help you stay organized and focus on important deadlines. Having a clear plan in place also allows you to prioritize tasks and quickly identify areas where additional resources may be needed. You should also track your progress throughout each project to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

The goal here is to ensure that all potential customers get the same level of attention when it comes to sales, so they feel valued and respected. By doing this, you’ll be able to close more deals and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Budget Estimating and Cost Control:

Another important aspect of running a successful construction business is budget estimating and cost control. It is critical to make sure that all projects are accurately estimated in terms of time, materials, labor, and overhead costs. 

Accurate estimates will help you stay within your budget and achieve the desired results on each project. You should also have cost control measures in place to ensure that you can complete projects on time and within budget.

4. Identify and Target Your Ideal Customers:

When it comes to increasing construction sales, targeting the right prospects is essential. To do this, you need to identify and understand who your ideal customers are. Think about the types of projects that you specialize in and what type of customer would be most interested in those services. Do they tend to work in commercial or residential areas? What size projects do they usually complete? Who are their main decision makers?

Once you’ve identified your ideal customers, you can start to target them more effectively. You can use techniques such as direct mail campaigns and email marketing to reach out to potential leads or create content that is specifically tailored to their needs.

5. Focus On Quality Over Quantity:

To increase sales, you need to demonstrate that your services are top notch and that you will always exceed customer expectations. Prospects want to know that they can rely on you for quality results, so make sure to emphasize this in your materials and presentations.

You should also focus on building a portfolio of your work to showcase the excellent results you have achieved for past clients. This will help to build trust and demonstrate your expertise in the industry, increasing construction sales and overall profits.

6. Keep Up with Industry Trends:

The construction industry is constantly evolving, so staying on top of the latest trends and technology can be key to success. By familiarizing yourself with innovations, you can stay one step ahead of your competition and find new opportunities for sales. You should also be developing relationships with suppliers and vendors so that you can access the latest tools and materials quickly and easily.

These connections can also help to increase construction sales as it often leads to referrals from satisfied customers. Staying up to date on industry trends will ensure that you remain competitive in the marketplace and will help you to build better relationships with clients.

7. Leverage Social Media and Online Platforms:

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to increase construction sales. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter enable you to reach out to new potential customers and connect with existing ones. You can use these platforms to promote your services, highlight the value of your work, and create relationships with prospects.

You should also consider creating online profiles and portfolios to showcase your services. Posting photos, videos, and customer reviews can help to demonstrate the quality of your work and make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Having a website is also essential, as it is a great platform for potential customers to learn more about your services and reach out with inquiries. You can also use this space to provide helpful resources that will help support clients throughout their projects.

8. Create A Compelling Sales Pitch:

Before approaching potential clients, you need to create a compelling sales pitch that will help to close the deal. Your pitch should focus on the value of your services and how they can benefit their project. Make sure to research their needs so that you can tailor your presentation accordingly.

You should also be prepared to answer any questions that the prospect might have. Show them that you understand their needs and will work with them to achieve their goals. By crafting a compelling sales pitch, you’ll be well prepared to increase construction sales.

9. Leverage Your Experience and Expertise:

As a construction business, you have a wealth of experience that can be used to increase sales. Make sure to highlight your expertise when meeting with potential clients and emphasize how the services you provide can add value to their projects. Demonstrate your understanding of construction techniques and materials so that they feel confident in your abilities.

You should also leverage any awards or accolades that you’ve received in the industry. This will help to showcase your professionalism and commitment to quality, helping to increase construction sales.

10. Follow up After Each Project:

Following up after each project can be an effective way to increase construction sales. You should always thank your clients for their business and follow up to check in on their satisfaction. This will show that you value their opinion and help to generate referrals for future projects.

You should also ask them for feedback so that you can improve your services and better meet their needs in the future. Finally, stay in touch with them and update them on any new services or materials that you have available. This will help to keep them engaged and will remind them of the value that you offer.


These 10 techniques are sure to help you close more deals and increase your success rate in the construction industry. With proper planning, and with the right know how, you can make your construction business more profitable. Remember that sales is a process and it takes time to build relationships with clients, but by following these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to increasing construction sales.  

Contact our team of experts today to find out more about how we can help you increase construction sales. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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